Frequently Asked Questions

What area Super House Cleaning Limited covers?

We cover all areas of Manchester and the Greater Manchester area.

What residential cleaning services do you provide?

We provide a general, regular cleaning service for homes, including one-off cleans, and window cleaning services.

Are your cleaners insured?

Yes all our cleaners are completely insured.

How long will it take you to find me a housekeeper?

We try to supply you with a suitable cleaner within 24 hours. Sometimes it may take a little longer depending on where you are, what days you want etc.

Can I have the same cleaner every week?

Of course you can. The cleaner will carry out the job as long as you require.

Can I specify the day the housekeeper comes?

We make every effort to meet the requirements of our clients.
In the majority of cases you can specify the day. If your request cannot be met then you will be presented with the nearest alternative options.

Can I meet the housekeeper first?

Yes, it is always a good idea to meet the cleaner to discuss your priorities with our staff. We will arrange a meeting with our skilled cleaner at your home in your most convenient time.

What do I do if the cleaner does not turn up?

If this should happen, please call us and we can arrange another cleaner to come.

Who is responsible for providing the cleaning products and materials?

You are responsible for supplying the cleaning materials and equipments in addition to making arrangements for access to your home. Alternatively we can supply cleaning materials but there will be an additional cost.

Can my cleaner come when I am at work?

You can leave a set of keys with the cleaner. You don’t have to be in on the day the cleaner comes. 90% of our cleaners hold keys for client’s homes.

Are there a minimum number of hours per visit?

Yes, we require 3 hours minimum per cleaning visit.

Do I still have to pay when I go away for a few weeks?

No, you do not have to pay when you are away. We need just 24 hours notice before you go and the date of your first cleaning when you are back.